Alpine flavors

The sun illuminates the mountains from the snow-covered peaks to the green valleys. In a flowery meadow, next to a stream, a group of young people lunch on a bit of cheese. At a distance, cows graze, watched over by two dogs. The pure air stimulates the appetite and enhances the genuine flavor of the meal. Simple food that in its natural goodness recalls the harmony and the beauty of the alpine landscape.

Marmottino »

The texture is soft, white and creamy. The flavor is delicate and typical of fresh milk.

Vallée Blanche »

Vallée Blanche
A name that evokes breath-taking panoramas and a cheese with savory and characteristic flavor, soft and compact.

Pascoli Valdostani »

Pascoli Valdostani
From green alpine pastures and the ancient work of the herders, a whole milk cheese with a full and savory flavor.
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Alpine flavors
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