Aosta Valley: the Milk Center

Milk Center Aosta Valley

The Milk Center, Centrale Laitière Vallée d'Aoste Srl, is a modern dairy and cheese-making business that gathers, processes, and commercializes the milk and its derivatives. The facility is located in Gressan, in the heart of the Valle d'Aosta, a region of great cheese-making traditions, mountains rich in ice, the purest water and pristine meadows.

The Centrale Laitière began in 1965 as a business owned by the Autonomous Region of the Valle d'Aosta; in 1998 was inaugurated the new production facility, current headquarters of the Milk Center, which in 2004 was taken over from a Valdostan business group.

The goodness of the Centrale-brand products is obtained and guaranteed during the entire procedure, from the collection to the processing, thanks to careful monitoring, the use of modern facilities and to a constant search for quality.


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