The cheeses


A menu of rich and inviting cheeses: from the delicacy of the ricotta to the characteristic flavor of the Tomino, to the intense flavor of so many other delicious specialties, to please the tastes of the entire family.

Tomino bianconeve »

Tomino bianconeve
White and soft as a snow, the Tomino Bianconeve is distinguished for its special and delicate flavor.

Ciliegine di latte »

Ciliegine di latte
Small mozzarella cheeses, fresh mouthfuls of cheese, convenient for use in the kitchen thanks to their miniature size.

Crescenza »

Famous soft-textured table cheese, rich in dairy fermentation, its goodness offers the pleasure of a delicate flavor.

Fior di latte »

Fior di latte
The traditional cheese with its fresh ropy texture is perfect plain or as an ingredient in tasty recipes.

Mozzarella »

A classic specialty of the Italian table, perfect plain or as a tasty ingredient to enrich the dishes of every day.

Monblan »

Under the soft crostini, the richness of a cheese with a soft texture, semicured. It offers you a more intense flavor and rich aromas.

Ricotta »

Its delicate flavor and its soft consistency make excellent specialties to taste alone or to use in fresh recipes.

Primo sale »

Primo sale
Fresh and savory cheese, pleasantly soft and also ideal in the kitchen.

Tomini »

A classic of the tradition, a specialty to taste with pleasure, ready to slice at the table or to be enhanced with sauce.

Stracchino »

A table cheese that pleases young and old. Tasty, genuine, fresh, it is appreciated for its delicate goodness.
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