Medieval flavors

A knight is headed toward the castle of his lord. The journey has been long, through valleys and mountains, and his appetite is whetted. From a farmer in a village, he has acquired a special form of cheese, cured and with a characteristic mould. Without dismounting from his horse, he cuts off a slice. That decisive and savory taste! In this district they certainly know how to make good cheese.

Bleu d'Aoste »

Bleu d'Aoste
Famous and prized for its goodness, a cheese with a strong flavor that makes itself appreciated.

Goat Toma cheese »

Toma di capra
A special hint of the characteristic flavor, decisive and piquant, in the more cured forms.

Toma of Gressoney »

Toma of Gressoney
A typical cheese with a soft texture, it has a savory and agreeable taste, characteristic of the curing.

Tuma valdostana »

Tuma valdostana
A slice of traditional and savory cheese: a characteristic flavor, obtained with the proper curing.

AostaDolce »

A typical cheese soft and intensely perfumed, with its agreeably sweet flavor.
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