ValleGranParadiso cheeses: the philosophy

From the greenest pastures, from the cleanest air and from the uncontaminated water of the mountains of the Valle d'Aosta, the cheeses of ValleGranParadiso are born.

The Centrale Laitière Vallée d'Aoste brand, dedicated to cured cheeses, offers quality products, in the typical Valdostan cheese-making tradition.

Medieval Flavors, Alpine Flavors and Spicy Flavors are the three original lines created to please the tastes of the most diverse consumers.

In all the cheeses, a strong and present link is seen with the Valdostan territory: beginning with their names, with clear local references, to their flavor from the genuineness characteristic of the mountain production.

ValleGranParadiso Cheeses are processed with the use of state of the art technologies, but with full respect for tradition. Some phases, in fact, are performed by hand, with the patience and the care of long ago.

Curing is a long and complex process: it takes place on wooden boards, in humidity- and temperature-controlled environments (temperatures between 8° and 10° and relative humidity between 85% and 95%). Periodically, according to the type of cheese, the forms are turned and brushed by hand.

The care and the passion that accompany all phases of the processing and the quality of milk used for the production give the ValleGranParadiso cheeses a unique and genuine flavor.

Our products
Alpine flavors
The natural goodness of genuine flavors.
Medieval flavors
Cheeses with a decisive and savory taste.
Spicy flavors
Simple matches for original flavors.