The recipes of the Centrale Laitière Vallée D'Aoste

by Leopoldo Gerbore

A full menu, from antipasto to dessert, for the whole family to try. The simple, genuine, and tasty dishes, always prepared with fresh ingredients, allow discovering and savoring the goodness of the Milk Center products.

Vegetarian Lasagnetta »

Vegetarian goat cheese Lasagnetta
Goat cheese Lasagnetta with eggplant and tomato.

Carpaccio beef »

Carpaccio beef with zucchini and Toma cheese
Carpaccio beef with zucchini, Toma cheese and walnut oil.

Gnocchi with Bleu d'Aoste »

Gnocchi with pumpkin and Bleu d'Aoste
Fresh potato gnocchi with a cream of pumpkin and Bleu d'Aoste.

Risotto with AostaDolce »

Risotto with AostaDolce and asparagus
Carnaroli rice with AostaDolce cheese and asparagus.

Scallops with AostaDolce »

Scallops of chicken with balsamic vinegar and AostaDolce
Scallops of chicken with balsamic vinegar and AostaDolce.

Filet with Bleu d'Aoste »

Filet of beef with Bleu d'Aoste
Filet of beef with pears and Bleu d'Aoste sauce.

AostaDolce Stars »

AostaDolce Stars
Fried little shapes of AostaDolce cheese.

Spring Salad »

Spring Salad
Spring Salad dressed with non-fat yogurt.

Rustic Salad »

Rustic Salad
Salad with crostinis, Aostadolce and Primo sale.

Yogurt Bavarian cream »

Yogurt Bavarian cream with berries
Yogurt Bavarian cream with berries.

Minicrèpes with yogurt »

Paankok: Minicrèpes with yogurt
Minicrèpes or little omelettes with plain yogurt.
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